Use More Brain While Buying A Used Muscle Car

If you are looking for a used muscle car, there are some factors you should know and consider. You need to critically examine the muscle car’s exterior paint its transmission and history as well.

A muscle car is a a high performance automobile. American muscle cars are loved by drivers for the pure raw power they generate, and yes their stunning beauty. The older the year of make, the rarer and more unique is your muscle car. From the Hudson Hornet to the 1957 Rambler Rebel to the 1970 Plymouth GTX 440 and so on, a muscle car is an owner’s pride and a collector’s delight. Although there has been a decline in production of the muscle cars in the 1990s, there has also been revival of the muscle cars from time to time. The latest could be Dodge’s Charger model re-introduced in 2010 and again in 2011.

If you are looking for a used muscle car for your love of the original or financial limitations, there are some factors you should know and consider. Some recommend that you should have some mechanical skills if you want to buy and own a muscle car. However, with a little deeper look you can make a sound decision to buy or not to buy the vehicle. With a little deeper look it means every information possibly available about the car including its VIN, transmission codes, rear end, paint, interior codes, age, number of owners, mileage and any changes made and so on.

Go deeper than the paint, dig up the past!

Naive buyers are easily carried away by the exterior paint while for a smart one that is just where you start looking. There are really good paint job service providers that can easily let you get the impression they want you to. You have to be more than an admirer in such situations. Be like a jealous lover and dig up the past and every minute details. Make sure you get the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number of the vehicle. By knowing the car’s VIN, you can get an ample amount of the car’s history that can help you decide and deal better with the whole purchase.

Get under the hood

If you have a good knowledge of the particular car model, get under the hood and check the engine, oil level and condition, leaks, engine noises, smoke etc. You can also bring along a friend who has a better idea in case you are not so confident. Get inside the car and inspect the interiors including the seats, seat belts, the doors and trunk too. Start the engine and check if the transmission of the car is still smooth. While at it, take a look at the dashboard and all the gauges as well.

Check how long has it run

It is also good to find out how many number of owners have the car served and how have they treated it. The car’s mileage will help you determine how further can it go in future, you don’t want an overdriven muscle car. However, while doing the math here, remember that mileage limit could differ from car to car. If there have been any changes made or parts replaced under the hood, find out what exactly it is and check if the alterations were made correctly.

Take it for a spin

Test driving is a good way to find out how exactly the muscle car performs on the road. While taking it for a spin, try and notice any suspicious signs with everything you come into contact with such as the acceleration, braking and suspension etc. If you are satisfied with them all, proceed to the final stage of the deal the payment. If you are buying the car directly from the owner, see if the price is negotiable. If you found the muscle car via online ads or at a website listing for affordable used cars, see if the listed price, after the vehicle’s analysis, is still practical. Decide keeping in mind that a bad judgment could put your money and also your safety at risk.

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